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5 Benefits of Glycerin for Skin

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vegetable glycerin

Have you ever wondered why glycerin is in so many moisturizers? It's one of those ingredients that you see and tend to sort of ignore. It sounds old school, doesn't it? And sort of generic. Well, here's the thing. There is a reason it's in so many products. Actually there are a lot of reasons, but we thought we'd focus on the top 5:

1) Vegetable glycerin is great for all skin types. It is unlikely to irritate skin so even sensitive skin can benefit from vegetable glycerin. And those with acne-prone skin don't have to worry as it won't clog pores.

2) It's sourced from natural ingredients. Vegetable glycerin is produced from plant oils - typically coconut, palm or soy.

3) Glycerin tells skin cells to behave normally - so they are less likely to shed prematurely or build up and thicken skin (as with psoriasis or dry, flaky skin) (Zheng, Bollag study, 2003)

4) Vegetable glycerin acts as a humectant. It draws water in and traps it, keeping skin hydrated, which in turn will help skin look healthier and younger.

5) Vegetable glycerin is an excellent emollient. Skin treated with moisturizers that contain glycerin is softer and smoother.

So the next time you peruse your moisturizer ingredients - take a look to see if vegetable glycerin is listed. If it is, be happy it's there working so hard as the unsung hero! If not, seriously think about looking for a new moisturizer.

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