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A possible cure for pimples? It's all in the bacteria.

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If scientists could tackle the pimple problem it certainly would be a big relief for many! Pimples have plagued everyone from teens to adults since, well, forever.  Did you know that in ancient Egyptian writings it was mentioned that Pharoahs suffered from acne? And that sulfur and mineral water treatments were used in Ancient Rome to combat breakouts? You would think that we would have figured this out by now, but aside from some advances in treatments, we haven't yet discovered a sure-fire method for prevent acne.

That's why this video grabbed my attention (and yes, made my stomach turn a bit with that image below...). With all of the focus these days on bacteria - and the relatively recent realization that not all bacteria is bad - it's exciting to see that there is potential to find a cure for acne by studying bacteria on the face. Pretty cool!

This is a quick and interesting video - about as much "fun" as a video about pimples can be :). Definitely worth a watch! Meantime, focus your own battles against breakouts on washing your face twice daily with a natural cleanser and keeping skin clear of clogged pores by exfoliating with a non-abrasive exfoliator 3 times a week.

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