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We are proud that Garden Girl natural skin care products are free of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, phthalates and artificial colors and fragrances. We are committed to bringing out the best in our customers skin by offering effective, healthy and fun products for everyone in the family.

If you have a question about Garden Girl products or skin care in general, please contact us anytime!

Q. I've heard rumblings lately about the negative effect of parabens found in skincare products. What's the deal anyway?
Quick definition: Parabens are a preservative used to inhibit microbial growth in skin-and-hair care products. Most cosmetic companies use two in particular: Methylparaben and Propylparaben which have been implicated in many health concerns from premature aging of the skin to breast cancer, and most recently a Johns Hopkins study linked early childhood exposure to parabens has been linked to food and environmental allergies. At Garden Girl, we steer clear of parabens and use only safe, highly effective alternatives in our natural skin care. Click here to learn more about our products.

Q. Are Garden Girl Products 100% Natural?
No. 100% natural skin care products have a very limited shelf life (30 days or less) and need to be refrigerated. If not used or stored properly, bacteria forms before being rubbed directly onto your skin. At Garden Girl, we promote healthy skin and convenience. We take nature's gifts combined with the smallest amount possible of paraben-free preservatives to create the easiest-to use (and store) products you'll find anywhere. Our natural skin care products are produced in small batches, so they are always fresh. Because we use minimal preservatives, they have a shelf life of about 1 year (compared to 3+ years for store products which are loaded with preservatives). Once the product has been opened, we recommend using it within 4-6 months. Click here to learn more about our products.

Q. What about Sulfates?
We all love suds. But to produce them, companies rely on inexpensive ingredients with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) in the name. Research has shown that these sulfates, while successful at making frothy bubbles, can actually damage skin and hair. Garden Girl offers a natural way to suds up while keeping skin looking great. Click here to learn more about our products.

Q. Do you add synthetic colors, fragrances or phthalates?
No. True to our name, Garden Girl uses only colors and fragrances derived from nature. Period. Choose from dozens of healthy, non-irritating blends concocted for your well-being. Because we don't use chemical fragrances, you don't have to worry about phthalates either. Phthalates are of growing concern, and recent studies performed by the Centers for Disease Control have found 7 different types of this chemical, in their sample of 289 people. In every single person tested, the type dibutyl phthalate (DBP) was found. The CDC has linked phthalates with possible developmental and reproductive outcomes. Women of childbearing age and children were found to have the highest levels. An additional study performed at the University of Rochester has connected phthalates to the emasculation of baby boys. Click here to learn more about our natural skin care products.

Q. Anything else to steer clear of?
Yes, mineral oil and other petroleum-based ingredients. They can actually clog and enlarge pores, possibly irritating your skin. Not to mention the fact that our world is already over-consuming petroleum products - so we see no reason to be adding to that by putting them into our natural skin care products. Garden Girl works hard to create skin-friendly products without resorting to potentially harmful ingredients. Click here to learn more about our natural skin care products.

Q. Do you test your products on animals?
Absolutely not! That's what friends and family are for! Seriously - we never test our products on animals and have been approved by PETA and are listed on their www.caringconsumer.com website

Q. How long does it take to get my order?
Garden Girl uses USPS Priority Mail for all shipments. You will typically receive your order 5 to 7 business days after you place the order.

Q. How are you an "Eco Friendly" company?

We are committed to using "green" business practices in everything we do. Just as examples:

  • Our products are all packaged in safe, recyclable packaging, predominantly #1 PET plastic or glass. Our products are not packaged in wasteful and unnecessary boxes.
  • We were one of the very first companies to offer refill packages for some of our best-selling face products - and that has now expanded to cover the majority of our products! Saves money and saves the environment.
  • We focus on natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment.
  • We are committed to making our products as natural and green as possible. We are proud signers of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
  • We use recycled packing materials. We recycle shipping materials from our suppliers, or we use our own shredded junk mail and newspapers. And we encourage our customers to reuse the materials they receive from us.