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"I just wanted you to know that absolutely LOVE everything I've tried from Garden Girl. I have temperamental, acne prone skin that has caused me grief my whole life. Now that I'm 40, I've just started to need a moisturizer every day. Previous experiences with moisturizers, toners and cleansers(even the really pricey ones) were a complete nightmare. What a difference Garden Girl has made! Evidently, my skin is really sensitive to all of the umm . . . how to say this nicely . . . 'junk' . . . in most products. Once I started using Garden Girl, the difference was amazing. Thanks so much!" Stephanie in New York

 "I absolutely LOVE the Super Hero serum. It feels so refreshing and soothing at the same time; a brilliant combination." Kimberley in Connecticut

"I LOVE it! Just what I have been looking for: a glycolic face wash without all the other added crap (which was giving me contact dermatitis)." Alexander in New York

"I tried out the products last night.  Looooved them.  The fruit acid gel stung at first but then was fine.  My skin felt like a baby!!!" Suzanne in Ontario, Canada

"I *love* your products!!  The bath salts have such a wonderful fragrance and are very relaxing.  I've noticed a difference in my skin with only using the face scrub a couple of times!  And the hand lotion is *fabulous*!!! I don't like a lot of hand lotions because they are too greasy but yours absorbs right away and makes my hands feel so soft.  I will be ordering some more of that! I have already told several people how much I've enjoyed your products so hopefully they'll be ordering, too. Thanks so much for a great line!" Sydnia in Massachusetts

"I like the new lipstick sheers. It's subtle and feels really good on.  I don't often wear lipstick, so it's a good everyday option - feels like I am pampering myself.  My lips tend to be very sensitive, and so far, no problems!" Meredith in Massachusetts

"I ordered several items including: Break Free and Starting Over. I will admit I was kind of skeptical that an all natural product would work as well as other products I have tried. I was pleasantly suprised with how well both of these products work! They are great!I am looking forward to purchasing them again as well as other items I would like to try! Thanks for offering a natural way to great skin!" Denyse in California

"Thanks for the great products and the samples. I was so excited to find you on the web. I have been reading about the dangers of parabens and other additives in skin products and was looking for a new product line that not only didn't include those things, but that took it one step further. Being a serious gardener here in the Pacific Northwest, I have to confess that your brand name was the first thing to catch my eye, but then I read your mission statement and I knew I had found my skin product 'home'." Sara in Washington

"I recently placed my 2nd order with gardengirl skincare!  Thank you for creating such an effective and healthy line of skincare." Monica in California

"LOVE the QuenchCoat!!" Tracey in California

"I truly love your products and am encouraging my Texas friends to try them!  I've already switched my mom over and she loves them as well.  I especially love the new Break Free fruit acid gel.  It's wonderful to finally have a quality AHA that doesn't include all those toxic chemicals!  Thanks again." Lisa in Texas

"I love that darn nurture/nature cream so much I HAD to email you. Seriously, within a week that and the scrubby stuff (Starting Over microderm scrub) has changed me from old hag to spring chicken. You are a miracle worker! Thanks!!!!" Melissa in Massachusetts

"Love Love Love the stuff! Nature/Nurture and Break Free are awesome together. My skin looks smoother already. Even hubby said so!" Alicia in Missouri

"I'll be turning 60 next week (amazing) so skin care is really important to me. I love your lightening cream, moisturizer, and anti-aging serum the best of all. I also like the exfoliation cream and eye cream and mask. " Suzanne in California

"I really like what I have tried so far.  I started with your sample kit and after only 2 weeks I can see and feel the difference.  Over the counter stuff is just that  'over the counter'. Thanks again." Anna in Indiana

"I've used the microdermabrasion product several times now and really like the way my skin feels (and glows) afterwards. I feel that it is doing a really good job exfoliating dead skin cells." Nancy in California

"I love the Starting Over, it is awesome! That is the best scrub that I have ever used!" Kjirsten in Colorado 

"I want to tell you how much I love your products. I do have very sensitive skin and many "natural" products, like Aveda tend to irritate. I have been using my Oasis for Faces, plus toner since I received them and my skin looks and feels wonderful." Rosalind in Maine

"Love the products. And I especially love knowing that I'm no longer slathering my skin with chemicals. Just freecycled my old products. Bleh." Jennifer in Florida 

"I love the products. I use the Starting Over 3x's a week, just gently to sluff off dead skin...my skin has never been smoother or clearer! Everything is great!" Jennifer in Massachusetts 

"I just wanted you to know that I was always trying new products on the market. I find myself going back to your great face care products for almost 2 years. They work well, last a long time, are easy to purchase and the prices are more than fair. Thank you for your great products!" Helen in Massachusetts  

"I LOVE your product. For the first time since my early 20’s (I’m 52 now) my skin hasn’t gone flaming red when I do scrubs and toners. It’s actually starting to look normal.Thanks for creating it!" Cindy in Utah 

 "I wanted to tell you how much I loved the skincare kit. The cleanser is so light and it removes all eye makeup with ease. I love the scent of the toner and the moisturizers are amazing. I let my sister take it to try and she is equally impressed." Kristina in Massachusetts 

"I am loving my Garden Girl products, especially the cleaner and toner. They are great!" Christine in Hawaii

"Two people have already told me I smell great - love that Chill Out lotion! I keep sniffing my own arm - people are going to start talking!"  Jen in Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for the great facial toner. My skin feels wonderful and looks clearer since using it. Great product!" Aimee in Massachusetts

"I am loving the facial cleanser, toner, and hand cream. I have one of the hand creams at work and one in my bag. Love it! And I can't believe how long the cleanser is lasting. Seriously, my skin has responded really well to it and I tend toward having more sensitive skin." Leslie in Massachusetts