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Garden Girl Natural Skin Care was born out of a passion of providing natural, paraben-free skin care that is also sulfate-free, petroleum-free, phthlate-free and free of added colors. As a mother of two boys, I have found that I am increasingly attuned to the many potentially harmful ingredients that are found not only in our food, but also in the many products we use every day on our skin and hair. 

So, back in 2006, I set out to create a safer alternative. By working with a team of natural skincare experts, I have created a unique line of products that combine the freshest ingredients possible with the therapeutic healing powers of essential oils and natural extracts. These are highly effective natural skin care products that look, feel and smell wonderful. Natural. Not chemical. They are products that my family and I use every day to look and feel our best. 

Like it or not, our skin reflects how well we take care of it. And because it is exposed to scores of harmful elements each day from wind to sun to pollution, your skin deserves our attention. 

Garden Girl Natural Skin Care, great skin--fresh from Mother Nature. 

Kristin Miller
Garden Girl Natural Skin Care

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