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Lip Care for Cool Weather - 3 tips to keep your kisser kissable

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kissable lips for fall

Well, around here it's starting. The nights are cool, the days are short and the skin is drying out. One of the drawbacks of living in cooler climates is that the cool weather seems to immediately zap our skin of moisture. And often we notice it first with our lips.

There is a reason for this. Environmental changes like cooler, drier weather draws the moisture out our lips leaving them dehydrated. And I don't know if you have ever noticed, but when your lips are dehydrated (even if they aren't flaky and chapped) they can make you look older. No thank you! 

Thankfully, it's not hard to make your lips super soft and healthy looking. 

1) Use a good quality petroleum-free lip balm every morning after brushing your teeth, and every evening before bed. And any time in between! Lip balm is the best way to re-hydrate and protect your lips from cold and wind. Look for petroleum-free lip balm that is rich with oils and butters. Why? Because petroleum jelly simply coats your lips - it doesn't do anything to draw in moisture - instead it actually blocks any additional moisture from getting in. Not to mention we have a big enough reliance on petroleum products, and there are better, plant-based alternatives. So instead seek a lip balm that has butters and oils that will draw in and trap moisture. And remember - lip balm should always be used under lipsticks in the fall and winter as added protection. 

2) Exfoliate! Yep - your lips need exfoliating just like your skin. Once or twice a week make a little paste of coconut oil or olive oil, sugar and a little honey. Gently scrub your lips and pat dry. Then apply lip balm. It's amazing what this one little step can do to make your lips soft and smooth and bright.

3) Avoid licking your lips. This sounds obvious and a little silly but it's vitally important. The more you lick your lips - the more chapped they become. For good reason: the saliva left on your lips evaporates and dries out your lips, plus, the enzyme in saliva actually breaks down the protective barrier naturally found on your lips. It's a double whammy!

So fear the cold no more - you are armed with these 3 simple tips, and you'll notice how much softer, smoother and healthier (and younger!) your lips look and feel. 

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