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Beauty secret for dry skin: Layering

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Dry skin beauty secret - Layering

Winter is especially harsh on our skin. And this year - the cold temps are unrelenting, so I have been hearing from many clients that their "normal" routine isn't cutting it. It made me realize it's a great time to remind people of a simple technique to battle that dryness. Layering!

Just like using clothing layers to keep our body regulated in cold weather, layering our skin care products can regulate our skin. This technique fits in perfectly with Garden Girl's basic skin care routine - but shows you where you can amp it up a bit when that system isn't cutting it. 

The standard "60 Second Face Care Routine" follows the basic steps of Wash, Tone, Exfoliate, Moisturize. These steps should continue to form the base of your winter routine as well. It's important to note that using a Toner in the winter can be an additional aid in maximizing the effectiveness of your face cream so it's good to keep that in mind.

But when you get to the Moisturize step - here is where you can apply the layering concept. First, take a minute to determine what the issue is. Is it all over? Is it only in certain areas? Don't forget to pay attention to your neck as well. In all cases, keep in mind these two simple rules:

  1. Always layer in the following order: serum, eye cream, face cream then apply whatever SPF you are using, if appropriate. SPF always goes last.
  2. Let each layer DRY before you apply the next. Otherwise, they won't be able to absorb properly and will just get mixed up together. I like to apply the serum immediately after getting out of the shower, then applying my body moisturizer while the serum dries, then apply the eye cream and let that dry while I get dressed, then apply the face cream. But do whatever fits into your routine.

For all-over dryness: try layering on a serum (The Firm or Super Hero), then Like Magic to spot areas if you are using it, then an eye/neck cream (Double Duty or Eye Can't Believe It) ALL OVER your face (yes, it's OK to do that!) before applying your face cream. Our most hydrating cream is QuenchCoat.

For spot-dryness: Apply Super Hero over the face and neck, then Like Magic to spot areas if you are using it, then use an eye cream (Double Duty or Eye Can't Believe It) to the eye/neck area as well as other spots that are dry, then apply the face cream (QuenchCoat).

So give this a try if you are suffering from unusual dryness this winter - or any time your skin needs a little extra TLC!

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