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Aloe Vera - Why is it so Good for your skin?


Aloe Vera is one of those sometimes overlooked skin care ingredients that should really be the shining star! It has been used for centuries for its many incredible qualities. It is even mentioned in the Bible in John 19. Now that's ancient! Topical uses range from herbal medicinal uses (like healing scars and burns, and soothing sunburns) to general skin care. The source is the aloe plant leaves which are filled with a gel. Aloe largely consists of water but the key components include minerals, polysaccarides, and amino acids. Plus it has vitamins E, C & B, which aid in healing and provide antioxidant benefits to help fight free radical damage that can prematurely age skin.

It's great to keep an aloe plant around the house for emergencies. They are very hardy (read - people like me who seem to kill all houseplants somehow, can even keep an Aloe plant thriving). And if you get a burn - you have the source right there for immediate relief. I say this from experience. A couple years ago I burned my wrist when a sugar-sauce splattered on it. It was a bad burn (OK I'll admit it - I felt woozy and nauseous) but the first thing I did was rip open a hunk of aloe leaf and put it on my burn. It was amazing - cooling and soothing. 

There is good reason for this ingredient to be found in so many skin care products. It is an incredible skin hydrator, healer and softener with anti-inflamitory properties. It helps to keep the skin soft and supple by bringing oxygen to the cells which helps to strengthen the skin tissue. It is great for all skin types - and is so mild that even those with the most sensitive skin will benefit from its properties. This is exactly why it is in all creams and lotions from Garden Girl. So the next time you see Aloe Vera on a label, don't be quick to dismiss it. It's there for a great reason. It is a hard-working superstar!